Destiny 2 – Encrypted Cache Key Guide


Encrypted Cache Key is an item in Destiny 2‘s new Warmind DLC. Like many things in Destiny 2, you may just luck into getting one of these without knowing what it is, or what it actually does. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know.

Encrypted Cache Key

Once you have finished the main story missions of the Warmind DLC, you can begin to do Heroic Strikes, Heroic Adventures, Nightfall Strikes and the Raid. Successfully completing any of these has the chance to drop a Rasputin Key Fragment. Once per week, you can hand in these Key Fragments to Ana Bray, and she will give you an Encrypted Cache Key. Each Key needs seven Key Fragments.

Now the real fun begins. To decrypt your your Key, you must take part in the Escalation Protocol mode on Mars. These are very challenging, and you will want some friends, and possibly even some randoms, if you hope to succeed at them. You will need to complete seven levels of Escalation Protocol in order to decrypt your Encrypted Cache Key.

Escalation Protocol
Escalation ProtocolTLDRGames

Once this happens, you can now open a very specific chest. The only bad news is that this chest only drops from the final boss of the Escalation Protocol, and getting to that point is a challenge. There are five possible bosses, and they rotate weekly. As such, if you are having trouble killing this weeks boss, next week might be more favorable to you. Keep in mind that the current Power level recommendation for the Escalation Protocol is 370.

This loot chest will contain prizes that can only be won by doing the Escalation Protocol, and it can only be opened by using your decrypted Key. Bungie had promised that Escalation Protocol would be both challenging, and rewarding, and it certainly seems to live up to that promise.

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