Destiny 2 – How To Get The Mountaintop


Destiny 2’s update has brought some changes to the quest for the Mountaintop, one of the best Grenade Launchers in the game. In this guide, we will run through how to get your hands on this absolute beast of a weapon. This quest used to be annoyingly difficult to get, but Bungie has reworked some of the numbers, making it more achievable for more players.

You will need to pick up the quest called Pursuit, The Ascent from Shaxx at the Tower.

Destiny 2 – How To Get The Mountaintop

Step 1

Reach the Glory Rank “Brave” within a Season.

Step 2

Complete the “In Pursuit of Honor” Triumph in the Competitive Playlist.

  • Final Blows With A Grenade Launcher – 750
  • Double Kills – 75
  • Calculated Trajectory Medals (Triple Kills) – 25
  • Points earned in Competitive has been further increased relative to other PVP modes
  • roughly 1x for Quickplay, 2x for IB, 3x for comp

Step 3

Achieve the Glory Rank of “Fabled.”

Step 4

Hand in the quest to Shaxx at the Tower.

Remember, all the kills need to happen with a Grenade Launcher, so I would suggest finding one you like, and going with that. If you are genuinely struggling, go with the Colony, and let it do a lot of the work for you. Those little spiders mines will rack up plenty of kills, but doubles and triples might be a more difficult thing. It might even help to run a second Grenade Launcher in your loadout with the Colony, and use the other Launcher to mop up whatever is leftover.

I’m not exactly the kind of player to enforce honor rules in PvP modes, so do whatever gets you the kills. The good news is that the work you put in on the second step will help you get closer to the Fabled Rank you need. Because they reduced the numbers of kills you need, your team should also hate you less, or at least fewer teams will hate you as you should wrap this up a lot quicker than before the changes. You will, after all, need to play pretty selfishly to get this done, no matter what.

Best of luck, Guardian.