Destiny 2 – Memory of Omar Agah Quest Guide


The weekly reset in Destiny 2 hit today, and now players are going to find a new array of things to do in the game. A new quest for players to get lost in is called Memory of Omar Agah. Getting this quest is going to send you across the moon, and you’re going to get a worthwhile reward. Here’s how you complete the quest.

Destiny 2 – Memory of Omar Agah Quest

The first thing you’re going to do this week is to speak with Eris. She’s going to be on the moon in her usual spot. If you’ve been following the quest line every week of the memories she has of her fallen Guardians, then you probably have a vague idea of what you’re going to need to do. You’re going to need to complete missions around the moon, and take out some of the enemies populating it.

Step 1 – Speak with Eris to Receive the Quest, Defeat a Yellow-bar Hive Wizard with a Super

When you get the quest from Eris, she’s going to give you a rundown of the guardian associated with the memory, Omar Agah. They were once a great hunter who got captured and taken back to the Hive, where they were eaten alive by the Hive’s children. Not the most pleasant memory, but it’s a lasting one.

Find a Warmind Public Event

After getting it, your first task is to take out a powerful Hive Wizard. Any old wizard is not going to suffice. You need to take one with a yellow bar. You can find these guys in several locations on the Moon. The best way to do it? Find one of the Warmind public events. You’re going to have six Hive Wizards spawn at the event, and you can freely take them out with your super. It’s a great way to take them out. Completing this portion is going to give you a set of Omar Agar’s Knives.

Step 2 – Recover Throwing Knifes landing Precision Kills with Snipers Rifles or a Bow

The next step is pretty straight forward. You need to take out enemies using a sniper rifle or a bow and land a precision shot. Doing so is going to have you recover some of Agar’s knives after you land the hit. You’re going to do this 20 times, and there’s a chance the item is going to drop. It may not happen all of the time. Anyone who loves using a bow is going to find this pretty easy to do, although the sniper rifle certainly can have plenty of firepowers to secure the kill. The choice is up to you.

You can get these kills by taking out enemies on the moon, or by going into a PvP mode in the game, such as Crucible or Gambit. Taking out a Guardian is going to guarantee a knife drop, while an NPC is going to be a chance. If you’re okay with consistently rolling the dice, then you should be good. That’s what Destiny 2 is all about.

Step 3 – Return to Eris Morn and Learn More

After you’ve collected all of the fallen knives, you need to return to Eris on the moon. You’ll find she’s departed, and she has left a portal for you to follow through much like the other times. Walkthrough it, find her at the end of the hallway, and speak to her about reclaiming the knives. You’re going to receive a reward for doing so and help her regain some of herself.

Feel free to continue to interact with Eris after claiming your reward to learn more about Omar Agar. Overall, it’s a fairly standard quest this week, but the knives can be a little difficult to drop. It only took me three Crucible matches to acquire all of them with a bow.