Destiny 2 – How To Use An Armory Code


The new Warmind DLC means new mechanics for Destiny 2. Inevitably, these are tied to items that can seem a little confusing when you first pick them up, or come across them in game. One of these are some small hatches on Mars that will tell you that they require an Armory Code.

How To Get Armory Codes

You get the Armory Code by doing Public Events on Mars. They can also drop from some of the named enemies that will spawn in on the map. Check the chest that drops after you kill one, and you may get lucky. As always, it is largely random as to when they will drop, so expect to just grind until you get one. You will be spending a lot of time on Patrol activities if you are looking for these codes.

Armory Code
Armory CodeTLDRGames • Fair Use

The reason you want the codes is because they can be very helpful on the Escalation Protocol. When this end game activity is active, the small hatches will become active, and you can use the codes to get access to the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is a devastating weapon, created by Rasputin, that will lay waste to your enemies. It can be very useful if you are running low on time, and need to clear out large groups of enemies quickly. Just run to one of the hatches, use the code, and you will get yourself a fantastic tool of destruction.

ValkyrieTLDRGames • Fair Use

Now, you could also use the codes whenever you need one, such as when you find an awkward Lost Memory Fragment that can only be destroyed by the Valkyrie weapon. It’s really up to you, but you may want to save them for when the going gets tough.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful! We also have guides for the Unsolvable Problem, and how the new Prismatic Matrix works in the Eververse shop. If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub. Best of luck in your battles against the Frozen Hive, Guardian!