Destiny 2 Vault of Glass – launch time, contest mode details, World’s First rules

Throwing stones.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

With Destiny 2’s Vault of Glass Raid arriving, full details are emerging on how the first weekend of the new content will play out. Vault of Glass is a returning Raid, having already appeared in the original game. While the developers have said that there will be some changes, they don’t want to make too many dramatic changes to the raid. As such, you can expect it to play in a fairly similar fashion to the original.

Vault of Glass will release on May 22 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. When it first launches, Contest Mode for the World’s First Race will be on for 24 hours. Players will need to be 1300 Light to be at the Power cap for all the encounters.

Contest Mode and World’s First

  • The encounter cap will be 1300 Power. Players will Power over this value will not benefit from it during contest mode.
  • Clearing the raid with Contest Mode active is the first step to access the new Challenge Mode in the Director. 
  • Completing each encounter in this newly unlocked Challenge Mode, while also finishing a curated list of Triumphs will be how a fireteam crosses the World First finish line. 
    • To remove the guesswork, in the Challenge Mode, your team will wipe if you fail the conditions of the Triumph during the encounter. 

The first Fireteam of 6 to complete the Vault of Glass raid then complete the Vault of Glass Challenge Mode and claim the Tempo’s Edge Triumph will be declared World First by Bungie from @Bungie on Twitter after verification from the analytics team.

If a Fireteam cycled through different members during their attempt, the final 6 remaining upon the completion of the final encounter of the Challenge Mode activity where at least one member of the Fireteam claims the Tempo’s Edge Triumph will be declared the winners and be awarded raid World First title belts.

The Fireteam must loot the final chest before returning to Orbit and claim the Triumph or their finish may not be recorded. A team’s official finish will be recorded when they return to Orbit.