Destiny 2: How To Get the Vex Invasion Heroic and What It Is


The Vex Invasions have proven a hefty task for all Destiny 2 players to engage with while on the moon. They’re the next step in getting some premium gear to prepare for the game’s Shadowkeep Raid. Destiny 2 players who want to level up past 900 are going to need to get involved in these. However, there’s an additional level beyond the standard invasion spawns players need to deal with within the game. Here’s what you need to do to set off the fourth invasion spawn and fight a powerful Hydra.

How To Do the Vex Invasion Heroic in Destiny 2

Have you done a Vex Invasion yet on the moon? You can do them after you finish the Shadowkeep story. If you haven’t, we have a handy guide already prepared for you to read through when you’re ready. You’ll want to make sure you speak to Ikora in the Tower before trying out these events because she’s going to give you an item you need to start them off. Follow the initial checklist in that guide, and you should be good to go.

Now, if you’ve done the standard offensive waves so far, you know what to expect. A large amount of Vex spawns into the area with a massive white ball in the sky above them. Kill the large Gate Lord, and then go to the next spawn. You do this a total of three times to complete the offensive, and steadily work your way to gaining access to the Vex Offensive.

However, here’s what you need to do to set off the fourth wave of the Invasion and have this massive Hydra named the Overlord, spawn.

First, go through the standard process you would for any other invasion event by doing a public event on the moon, waiting a little bit after it. If an Invasion event doesn’t spawn, go to the next public event and wait again. One should eventually show up. When it does, start fighting the Vex there and damage the Gate Lord.

After you’ve damaged the Gate Lord a bit, two Hydras are going to spawn near the center of the large, white circle. Break off from the Gate Lord and take these two Hydras out. When they’re dead, return to the Gate Lord and take him out. You’re going to repeat this for all three of the invasion locations.

When you’ve wrapped up the third invasion point, a fourth one is going to open up, and it’s going to spawn a Hydra named the Overlord. You and plenty of other Guardians are going to need to work together to take them out. While you and a friend may have had it easy with the Gate Lords, the Vex Hydra Overlord is going to prove far more challenging to take down. You might mess up on your first and second attempt if you don’t have the numbers to support you.

You’re going to get some excellent gear for taking out the Overlord. However, there’s a bit of speculation about how much gear you’re going to receive repeating this event. For example, after doing this particular event two times, you’re going to only receive Vex Offensive components rather than powerful gear for your Guardian. It’s likely the gears for these events are going to reset with the Destiny 2 weekly reset, but we’ll have to wait to find out.

There’s a video below of YouTuber Mtashed, who goes through the initial process. Check out if you have any additional questions about how to handle the event or what you’re looking for during the invasion.

Good luck, Guardians, and hopefully, these pieces of gear help to get you raid ready for the Garden of Salvation.

H/T: Forbes