7 Tips for Playing Devil May Cry 5


Devil May Cry 5 has arrived, and critics are raving about the entergetic story, and stylish, sexy combos characters can pull off. But, is this your first time entering the series? If it is, or you haven’t played in a long time, here are some great tips you should keep in mind as you play through Capcom’s latest release.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Advice

Purchase Abilities to Extend Combos

You won’t get the chance to grab any abilities until the second story mission. Regardless, it’s a good idea to remember to browse around the menu and find out which abilities make your combos longer. The more massive of a combo you can dish out on enemies, the more stylish points you’re going to get, granting you a higher ranking. Plus, it makes it easier to take out a single target. It eliminates them earlier, and you can move on the smaller enemies as you progress in a fight.

Shut Off the Auto-Assist Option

By default, everyone has the auto-assist option set to on. What this does is ensure you’re going to hit a select target with your full combo. However, this is a problem because as you mature as a Devil May Cry player, you’re going to find yourself discovering the smaller details about the game’s fighting system. Keeping this option enabled eliminates the chance for you to switch targets mid-combo to create something brand new. You’ll find this option in the gameplay menu.

Use Your Character’s Taunt

Looking for ways to raise your style points mid-fight? You can always continue hitting combos on your enemies, but an excellent way to build it even further is to use your character’s taunt mid-fight. Not only can this give you a better score, you’ll have a chance to test out how good you are at timing enemy attacks as they come in closer. It’s a bold move, so don’t try this until you’re comfortable with the gameplay and feel ready to start focusing on your score rather than advancing through Devil May Cry 5.

Never Forget to Practice

There’s a practice area for you to test out your new abilities available in the main menu, and it opens up whenever you purchase a unique ability called The Void. Jump into this location whenever you’re keen to try a new extension you were thinking about mid-fight, or want to shake things up by introducing a new combo to your routine. It pays to spend a little extra time modifying how you line your combos. You may even notice yourself achieving S-rank far more often than you previously were.

Use Your Parry – It’s Difficult

If you see an enemy about to hit your character, instead of immediately using your dodge think about landing a parry. You can do this by having your character attack at the same time, and if you aim it correctly, the two attacks collide, and now your enemy is left wide open. Try it out by having hitting different enemy attacks and see what you can deflect.

Single Out Targets

There’s always one enemy everyone struggles with during a fight. Players who are not too careful allow this enemy to outmaneuver them, and ruin their well-built combo. The best thing for you to do is to find the ones that give you the most trouble and single them out immediately. You want to break them off from the main group or send them up flying in the air for you to destroy. This strategy holds up for enemies that heal others unless you’re interested in getting some truly high stylish points.

Replay Missions Regularly

After you’ve completed the campaign, you may want to run through the missions a few more times or reply them on a higher difficulty. Devil May Cry 5 is meant for multiple playthroiughs, allowing you to get better with each of the characters, get higher stylish points, and discover secrets you may have missed along the way.

The most important thing you need to do for every Devil May Cry 5 run is to have fun.