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Dishonored 2 Safes Location, Combinations and Reward Guide

Get all safe locations and combination to open it in Dishonored 2 for collecting gold, ammo, sliver, runes and many valuables instantly

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Similar to the previous edition, Dishonored 2 has various safe in different location that will help you to unlock new rewards. You can find gold, bone charms or runes also in it. So we bring you a short guide that will help you to find safes in the game. The hidden safes can only be opened via a different set of numbers called as combinations. So we bring you the location and along with the combination required to get into the safe to collect valuables.

Dishonored 2 Safes Location

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations and Location:

Mission 1: A long day in Dunwall

​Safe Combination: 451

The first safe is located on the house on the left of road when you are following the mission, do not cross a house with Rent sign marked on it. You will encounter some guards take them down. Enter the house and you will find the first combination behind the painting.


  • Two Silver Ingot
  • Two Silver Ingot
  • Pistol

Mission 2: Edge of The World

Safe Combination: 137

You can find one in Mission 2. You have to move towards the south side of the map near Addermire Station. Just at the entrance of the station toward the right you can find a store. Inside look for banner Try to Unlock Me. A Winslow marked safe next to that is the exact location.


  • Bone Charm
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pistol
  • Pistol Ammo

In the same mission you will find another one in Overseer’s office.

Safe Combination: 573


  • Rune
  • Silver
  • Raw Whalebone

Mission 3: The Good Doctor

In Addermire Institute take the elevator and go on the second floor. Pass the lab to visit Vasco Office. The safe is located near the desk. Talk to the main who is on the stretcher, he will give you the combination to unlock the safe.

Safe Combination: 183


  • Vasco’s Journal
  • Addermire Solution

Another one is the lobby of the institute. You have to go ahead and you will have to reach the balcony to find the large office. Near the desk you can find another safe.

Safe Combination: 183


  • Combat Sleep Dart Blue Print
  • Copper Wire
  • Silver Ingot

Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

In this mission you will find large building ahead, look for Station Map Board on the wall. On the left side there is a short passage. You will have to cross that and at the end you will find a building with a few people. Go to the first floor and then go in the office to locate the safe. The safe combination can be found written on glasses hidden behind a bottle. You will get two numbers. After adding them, rotate the wheel till the safe unlocks.


  • Regenters book
  • Lucky Sphalerite
  • Two Sliver Ingot

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

You have to enter into a balcony of an old building where you will encounter many bloodflies. The safe combination will be available once you had completed Black Market Vendor side mission. You can find the shopkeeper near Meagan Foster’s location. The shopkeeper will allow you to enter the shop only after you give Roseburrow Prototype to him. Inside the shop you will find a note with Safe Combination.


  • Silver Dust
  • Five Silver Ingot
  • Pistol Ammo
  • Pistol

Do refer our Dishonored 2 Wiki Guide for full Walkthrough and many tips on the game.

We will update more safe location soon.

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