Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Uses Sims 4 DLC Costs To Prove Premium Costs Are Too High

Disney Dreamlight fans are distressed at the high prices of the game as they prepare them to those of The Sims 4 DLC packs.

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Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley players have complained about the high prices of the in-game cosmetics while it is still in early access. It is understandable why players are distressed over this, especially considering the Star Path that hosts over 30 items is almost the same price as one item in the Premium Shop.

The Premium Shop was introduced a couple of months ago as a way for players to spend their Moonstones outside of the almost monthly Star Path. Players can locate a blue chest in their valley every day, which contains 50 Moonstones to be collected, but if a player doesn’t have enough for the items they want each week, they will be faced with purchasing more Moonstones with real money. The Premium Shop refreshes and rotates items every week.

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Players Feel Premium Shop Prices Are Ridiculous

A Reddit user put together a post to display just how expensive the prices for items in the Premium Shop are compared to the next Sims 4 DLC pack. Many players who have adventured over into Disney Dreamlight Valley have probably tried off or were also die-hard Sims 4 fans as well.

The Sims 4 is by no means a cheap game, especially if players want to buy all the DLC packages that they offer – that would cost a thousand or more dollars – but compared to DDV, it shows how a Sims 4 DLC can come with 30+ items for $9.99 but buying one character outside on Disney Dreamlight Valley costs $8.99, which is almost the same price.

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Players have taken to Twitter more than once to discuss this issue, saying it is “ridiculous” or expressing how they consider the Sims 4 to be an expensive game already, so their feelings for DDV’s prices are self-explanatory.