Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Every Gem

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Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mining

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A huge part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is collecting different materials and objects that players can use to craft items to decorate their homes or to complete tasks, as well as selling ones that aren’t needed. There are a few items that should be collected and hoarded for quests later on in the gameplay, and while gems are often needed for quests, selling them is beneficial.

Gems are worth a lot of money and they can add up quickly depending on how much a player mines. Make sure to always keep some just in case. Here is where you can find every Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How To Get Every Gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, mining gems
Screenshot by Gamepur

Collecting Gems is something players can do early on in the game right after unlocking a pickaxe. Players can mine gemstones from different rocks placed around the valley in various biomes. Some biomes will bring forth different gems depending on each the player is mining in. These black rocks that are for mining are sprinkled throughout all the biomes, so there’s no need to stress.

Every time you mine a rock, you won’t always get a gem, sometimes you will just get some stone or coal which are still useful. There are many different Gems throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley, each one having a “shiny” variant as well. These are noticeably brighter and will also sell for a lot more Star Coins than regular ones. These Gems can be found in the following areas:

  • Amethyst – Forgotten Lands & Frosted Heights
  • Aquamarine – Dazzle Beach & Forest of Valor
  • Citrine – Sunlit Plateau & Glade of Trust
  • Diamond – Forgotten Lands
  • Emerald – Forest of Valor & Glade of Trust
  • Garnet – Peaceful Meadow & Plaza
  • Peridot – Dazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow
  • Ruby – Vitalys Mines
  • Sapphire – Vitalys Mines
  • Topaz – Plaza
  • Tourmaline – Frosted Heights & Sunlit Plaza

How Much Each Gem Sells For in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As stated above, selling gems can be a great way to get some extra cash to use to upgrade things around the Valley. Below are the prices for each gem that can be sold for in exchange for Star Coins.

  • Amethyst – can be sold for 500, Shiny for 2000
  • Aquamarine – can be sold for 250, Shiny for 1000
  • Citrine – can be sold for 380, Shiny for 1500
  • Diamond – can be sold for 600, Shiny for 2400
  • Emerald – can be sold for 325, Shiny for 1300
  • Garnet – can be sold for 160, Shiny for 640
  • Peridot – can be sold for 200, Shiny for 800
  • Ruby – can be sold for 1000, Shiny for 4000
  • Sapphire – can be sold for 1000, Shiny for 4000
  • Topaz – can be sold for 240, Shiny for 960
  • Tourmaline – can be sold for 420, Shiny for 1600

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A tip to help players collect more gems is bringing along an NPC, which is a villager that has the Mining role. This will help increase the chances of getting more Gems and extra being dropped. Now while mining, players will be able to collect gems a lot faster.