The Division 2: The 6 Best Perks To Take In The Early Game

The right perk can save your life in The Division 2. That extra Armor Kit, grenade, or gun can turn the tide of a close fight. Picking the right perks early is essential to maximizing your ability to complete tasks and missions. Read on to find out the perks that I highly recommend you choose first.

The Best Perks To Take In The Early Game

The Division 2 Perks

1: Weapon Slot

Being able to send as many bullets you can down range is the simplest way to victory in The Division 2. Grab that extra weapon slot early, because you never want to find yourself out of bullets in the middle of a fight. It also allows you to have some choice, as you will be able to equip a good weapon for long/medium range engagements, and also have something that will help you out if enemies get too close.

2: Restock

Armor Kits will keep you in a fight. Grenades will help you kill things. This perk will automatically restock both of them when you enter a safe space, meaning you will never find yourself stuck when you need them. The first rank covers the armor kit restock, with the second rank also including grenades.

3: Armor Kit

Fully ranked, this will let you bring a total of six armor kits. You are going to need them, so rank this up fully as soon as you can.

4: Grenades

Oddly enough, grenades just become more valuable as the game goes on, and you take on tougher enemies. Bring as many as you can by maxing out this perk.

5: Hot Shot Accolade

If you want to rank up fast, then maxing out this perk is essential. It will provide different levels of bonus XP from performing various types of kills, or even just by staying alive. Well worth it for people who want to increase their level quickly.

6: Inventory

Being able to haul as much loot as you can is vital in this game. Loot gives you cash if you sell it, components if you break it down, and sometimes you need to trade it to NPCs. Make sure you always have enough room in your backpack with this perk.