Division 2: How To Go Rogue

When you’re in the game’s PvP area, the Dark Zone, you can fight more aggressive, stronger NPCs, along with players. The players are an option, though. For those interested in fighting other players in The Division 2’s PvP, you have the option of going Rogue. When a Division agent has gone Rogue, the main faction no longer views them as a valid member, for the moment, and now other Division agents know they should fire upon them on sight. The good thing about it is that the Division player set to Rogue now has a chance for acquiring higher-end gear.

Going Rogue

Unlike the first game, in The Division 2, you have two ways to set your status to Rogue.

The first method is done through by toggling your status with a button press. For PlayStation 4 players, you hold down the Touchpad. For Xbox One users, you click the Menu or Back button. If you’re on a PC, you hit the Ctrl+Z buttons at the same time. After you’ve changed your status, you can fire upon other players and take their loot, if you’re lucky.

If you’re unlucky, they’re going to take your loot, instead.

The other way is by completing several Rogue Loops. Rogue Loops are small missions you can do inside of the Dark Zone, and you should see them display on your mini-map by a skull icon. Go to the area where the mission is, complete it, and you’ll see a small amount of your Rogue meter go up. These missions vary in activity, such as hacking terminals. After you’ve completed enough of these missions your status will change to Rogue.

You have the option of continuing these Rogue missions to increase your status even more. However, doing so flags your character for Manhunt. When a Division agent reaches the Manhunt status, every other Division agent in the Dark Zone is aware of this incredibly dangerous Rogue agent, and are alerted to their location. It’s a risky option, but some may enjoy it.

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