The Division 2 – Where To Find A Hyena Key

Xur In A Tree

The Division 2 is a loot carousel. Some of it can just be picked it, as it is spread out all around the game’s world, but for other types of loot you will need specific keys to access it. A Hyena Key will open a Hyena cache, and let you get at the sweet loot inside. There are other types, such as Outcast and True Sons keys and caches, so the basics of the Hyena Key will apply to them as well.

Where To Find A Hyena Key

White House Area Map

Hyena Keys can be found in special wall boxes in Hyena controlled areas. The Hyenas are a violent gang that has take over parts of Washington DC, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the outbreak.

A quick and easy place to find a Hyena Key is in the underground tunnels to the south of the White House. You can see the area clearly marked on the map above. Just go there, and head down the ladder.

Key Locker

Once you drop down, be careful. This area is patrolled by dangerous enemies, who will put up a good fight in the early stages of the game. As you move around, keep a close eye on the walls. You are looking for a box that looks almost like a flat panel. When you find one, open it up, and you will get a Hyena key.

It is very important to keep your eyes peeled when you are working through these areas of the game. Different buildings and tunnel systems will fall under the control of the various gangs, and searching for these wall boxes will give you the chance to pick up plenty of keys.

It also appears that the location of the key in each area is random, so there is no surefire way to find one. You simply have to take the risk of entering the heavily patrolled areas and having a good look around! The good news there is you will also find plenty of loot on the bodies of your dead enemies.