DnD First Session Tip That Will Save You A Lot Of Hassle

Are you a D&D DM and want to save yourself some hassle? Whip out your phone.

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Most Dungeons & Dragons players will tell you that the scariest monster in the game is scheduling, as getting several adults to agree on a session date and to show up can be daunting. One frustrating aspect of D&D that also crops up is the issue of players and DMs forgetting to bring materials to the game, with character sheets being the worst offender, but there’s one simple tip that can alleviate this issue.

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When A D&D Campaign Begins: Take Photos

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Image Via Wizards Of The Coast

During character creation, possibly during a D&D Session Zero, ensure every player and the DM takes photos of everyone’s character sheet. To be extra careful, email the photos to one of your accounts, or send them to yourself on social media. This way, if something happens to your phone, then the photos will still be saved.

Once these photos are taken, then it’s not a huge problem if someone forgets their character sheet, as everyone will have digital copies that can be shared. It also helps to take photos at the end of each session to ensure that things are up to date. Still, even that isn’t totally necessary, as most of the hard work involved with the numbers of D&D happens at character creation, with leveling up being a quick process, especially if people take the median maximum hit points. It usually doesn’t take someone long to level up their character, even if it’s a few levels at once, and it’s even faster if they recall what abilities they had.

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Some players choose to keep their sheets on digital services like D&D Beyond, but this trick still applies, and they should screenshot their character sheet and send it to all the players. This way, everyone in the D&D group can bring out the character sheet if the player loses access to their account or their smart device runs out of power during a game. With these copies in hand, there won’t be any problems if someone is rushing to their D&D game and forgets their character sheet.