Do dungeons and crypts respawn in Valheim?

You don’t have to think about them anymore.

There are several dungeons and crypts for you to pillage in Valheim. The Black Forest dungeons contain Surtling Cores, a critical starting resource that you need to acquire to build the smelter, charcoal kiln, forge, and portals. They’re instrumental, but you’ll eventually move on and explore the world even more to where you’ll forget about them. But is it worth going back? The monsters, berries, and mushrooms in Valheim spawn after a few days. Unfortunately, the dungeons do not.

None of the dungeons you’ve already raided for their treasured resources have additional resources in them, except for the yellow mushrooms. If you’re looking for yellow mushrooms for any stamina potion recipes or any of the stews you can make with the cauldron, those will be in there. However, the amber, the pearls, the coins, and the Surtling Cores do not respawn.

In our primary world in Valheim, we’ve been playing for a little over 180 days. We’ve returned to some of the first dungeons we raided when we were trying to craft our starting blacksmith area, and we were keen to add more Surtling Cores to our reserves. We did not find any. None of the dungeons had any of their prized loot returned to them, forcing us to find other ways to expand our coffers, which meant exploring the locations we hadn’t visited yet and seeing what else we could find.

If the dungeons in Valheim did respawn, players would have little reason to continue exploring and find the starting biomes next to the more advanced ones, like the Plains or the Swamp. It’d ruin the need for exploration. By not having the dungeons respawn, players can expand their horizons and set up throughout Valheim, feeling each new location they discover a necessary addition to their survival.