Do enchantments stack in Minecraft Dungeons?

Enchantments are incredibly powerful.

Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

Your weapons, armor, and ranged weapon can contain up to three enchantments each in Minecraft Dungeons. These enchantments are important because to diversify and enable you to create a unique playstyle. Some of the abilities these enchantments do seem a bit similar, and because the three available enchantments on your weapons are random, they do sometimes feel the same. For example, you could have two enchantment slots that both have the ability to use leeching, which enables you to steal up to 22 percent of an enemy’s health.

If you see two of the same enchantments on a weapon or an armor piece, yes, these two enchantments will stack on each other. Having a pair of leeching enchantments on your melee weapon means you’re consistently healing as long as you find yourself in the middle of the fight. The same goes for having any type of rolling ability with your armor, or the looting enchantment, which increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables.

By having two of the same enchantment on your gear, you can have an increased chance for that effect to happen. You can create a variety of broken builds, especially as you grow closer to the end of the game where you find unique items. Unique items are some of the best equipment in the game, and in the game’s final difficulty, Apocolypse, they’re exceedingly good equipment pieces to have on your character.

For those eager to find everything in the game, make sure to check out where all of the secrets runes are in the game. You can find one in Obsidian Pinnacle, and make sure to locate all of the secret levels, such as Arch Haven, which you can unlock by playing through Pumpkin Pasture.