Do footprints count as fingerprints in Phasmophobia?

What’s the difference?

Image via Kinetic Games

One of the signature pieces of evidence a ghost can leave behind in Phasmophobia is their fingerprint. You have the chance to find it shortly after a spirit has interacted with the environment, such as placing their hand on a window or a wall, on a door, or they might leave one behind on a counter after knocking over a picture. You catch all of this information using a UV light. You’ll also be able to find details about a ghost’s movement by its footprints if it has them. Do footprints count as fingerprints when it comes to evidence?

Unfortunately, a ghost’s footprints do not count as evidence. If you see a ghost’s footprints on the floor, it’s helpful information to give you an idea of it moving around and shows it is moving around and not floating. However, you won’t be able to mark down that the ghost leaves behind fingerprints in your journal. You need to find those somewhere in the house.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You may need to wait for a ghost to transition between rooms, open a door, and interact with something to find its fingerprints. Following the Nightmare update, fingerprints only remain on a surface for 60 seconds, so you’ll have to be quick to find it.