Do you have storage space in Minecraft Dungeons?

Carry only what you need.

Image via Digital Extremes

You will loot a variety of different items throughout your adventures in Minecraft Dungeons. The goal of the game is to grab better items, which make you stronger. You will have a lot of it on your character because you will be receiving more loot and steadily adding all of it to your collection. Does your camp have a storage place you can hide your favorite items?

The only storage space you have access to in the game will be your inventory. You won’t have a place in your camp to store any of your favorite items, and you won’t be able to tuck anything away for later. Any item or piece of equipment you want to use will remain in your inventory.

The alternative is to scrap it for gems. Any weapon, armor, or artifact you don’t want to use in Minecraft Dungeons can be broken down and turned into gems. You then turn those gems into the Blacksmith or the Wandering Trader. Because of how often you will salvage your items and break them down, there’s no reason to have storage space. You could keep an array of your favorite weapons, each with a different effect on your character.

However, because of how enchantment points work, you wouldn’t be able to enchant one set of weapons and switch those points to another. You receive your enchantment points back by saving an item.

The way Minecraft Dungeons utilizes loot and how often you will continually trade our items for more powerful ones, or something that fits your playstyle, there’s no reason to have storage space. There’s no need to look around for one hiding somewhere in camp or your home.