Do you need Nintendo Switch Online to play Pokémon Unite?

Is the extra purchase necessary?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pokémon Unite is the latest new venture for the mega-franchise, this time dipping its toes into MOBA waters. As with anything with the Pokémon brand on it, tons of people will be giving it a try either on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices when it releases there. On the Switch side of things, games with online multiplayer will require you to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play. Is this the case in Pokémon Unite?

If you are playing Pokémon Unite on your Nintendo Switch, you do not need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play. Playing solo and with friends is completely accessible for free and will work as long as you have an internet connection.

The mobile version of the game will release in September and has crossplay and cross progression support. Just sign into each platform with your Nintendo Account, and everything will carry over, and you won’t be restricted to one side if you don’t have an online membership.

The Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios want to make sure the shared ecosystem for Pokémon Unite is fluid and easy to understand. If Nintendo Switch Online was required to play the game, that would significantly impact the Switch side negatively. If there were not a mobile version coming, things could possibly be different, but luckily this is where we stand.