Do you share experience points in Minecraft Dungeons?

Sharing with your party members is important.

Minecraft Dungeons is all about exploring unique levels and gaining better loot to become stronger for harder missions in the game. There’s a heavy focus on players bringing friends to play with them in local or online co-op. Because you will likely be playing the game with your friends, do you share experience points with your party members?

Yes, you do. You and your friends can be a decent distance away from each other on the map and still acquire the same amount of experience points when taking down the various enemies in the game. If you go off and clear a small section by yourself, your character’s level does not surge forward. Both you and your friends remain at the same level, ensuring the two of you remain side by side.

However, if you were to go off and complete other missions and levels without your friends, you can become more powerful than them. When your friends take a break and decide to play on your own, you gain levels without them. You can still play with friends even if you’re a higher or lower level than them.

For example, if you’re level 10 and your friend is level 15, the two can still play together. If you go into a mission with them that is set to their level, chances are the enemies in the level might be able to hit you much harder than they’re hitting your friend, and it works the same way if you invite them to a lower-level mission. Regardless, the two of you will share experience points.

While your character level determines the amount of enhancements points you receive, your gear power is the important bit. When you have more powerful gear, you can do a higher level of missions and levels with your friends.