Does Back 4 Blood beta progress carry over to the full release?

Will you have to go back 4 more?

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

Back 4 Blood’s open beta gives many excited players their first taste of the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. If you are looking forward to the game, you should definitely be jumping in. There have been examples of games that have an open beta close to the full game release where your progress made in the beta will carry over into the full game. Is this the case with Back 4 Blood?

Unfortunately, your progress made in the open beta for Back 4 Blood will not carry over when the full game releases. As it stands now, you can enter the Campaign and Versus modes, but all progress will be lost once the beta period ends. Also, all cards you earn and decks you make will need to be obtained and assembled once again later.

While it is disappointing that you will lose your card progress when the full game releases, we are not too worried about the Campaign progress. Back 4 Blood is largely based on Left 4 Dead, which did not have anything in the way of progress for its campaigns. All were unlocked at the beginning, and you could jump between them at any time — we expect Back 4 Blood to be mostly the same. You can unlock new starting points by playing through the campaign, but not much else in the beta.