Is Back 4 Blood cross platform/crossplay?

Bring a friend!

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood is all about getting together with other people and fighting for your life against the hordes of Ridden trying to add you to their zombified-like army. It sounds like a nice relaxing time, right? Like Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood will wholly rely on teamwork between you and the other players in the game. Therefore, you must have someone you can trust at your back. With that said, sometimes, that person you trust most is on another platform. With this in mind, does Back 4 Blood support crossplay?

Yes, Back 4 Blood will support crossplay between all platforms. When the game has its first open beta in August 2021, it will be testing its crossplay functionality. Turtle Rock Studios hopes that it will be ready to go when it fully releases on October 12. While this gives a chance for the game not to have crossplay at launch, we will need to wait and see on the matter.

Crossplay support will be accessible between all platforms. As a result, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players will all be able to group up together to take on the hordes of Ridden. In addition, cross-gen crossplay will also be available for players at launch, meaning PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will not be left out of the slaying fun.