How to enable or disable crossplay in Back 4 Blood

It’s your choice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Crossplay is quickly becoming the norm for any online multiplayer game that can be played on multiple platforms. Developers are tearing down the walls that sectioned friends off from each other because they had a different box under their television. Back 4 Blood embraces crossplay and can be played with anyone on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Here is how to enable it.

By default, Back 4 Blood will have crossplay enabled. It will notify you the first time you start the game up and ask if you want it on or off. If you wish to adjust this setting, pull up the menu and go to Play (you can also reach this by talking to General Phillips in his tent near the boxing ring and to the left of the character customization tent.

From the Play menu, open up Preferences. Here will be a setting where you can turn crossplay either on or off.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you think PC players are killing you too easily in Swarm, you might want to change this; otherwise, we recommend keeping it on to find players faster if you start a run in Campaign. Regardless, the choice is yours, and you can easily swap it to either side here.