Does Battlefield 2042 have a single-player campaign?

The maps change with each season, as does the narrative told in the background.

Battlefield 2042 throws players into a multiplayer game set in a near-future where the weather has become just about as deadly as an enemy combatant. The multiplayer matches will be intense with a 128 player limit, pushing each side to the limit as the battle in multiple modes, such as All-out Warfare and Hazard Zone. Because multiplayer has been the primary focus for Battlefield fans, can you take a quick break and jump into a single-player campaign? It doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening.

For Battlefield fans who have enjoyed the previous single-player campaigns, the confirmation of a purely multiplayer experience comes as a disappointment. You can learn about the world’s lore by exploring the multiplayer maps and picking up small details that the developers sneak in while you’re syncing up with your team.

For a more modern multiplayer experience, the maps and narrative of the story will change over time, told through the multiplayer maps and how those change. It looks like you can expect to play through many of the same maps through Battlefield 2042’s lifetime, but they’re going to shift from when they initially launched, which is bound to shake up the gameplay. We can expect shifting gameplay and narrative to happen with each new season coming to Battlefield 2042.

While we’re not too sure how the narrative will be interwoven into the maps, we can expect to find small details on each map that interlink together.