Does Biomutant have a New Game Plus mode?

Time to go again.

Image via Experiment 101

Biomutant gives players a huge open world to explore, fun abilities to use, and lots of different weapons and armor pieces to try out. There is also a built-in reason to replay the game, which we won’t spoil for you here. Needless to say, plenty of players out there will want to run through the game all over again.

If players wish to take on the game in an even harder mode, there is a New Game Plus mode available. To get access to it, players will need to complete a full run of the game, and they will then be able to launch a New Game +.

New Game Plus allows players to restart the game, but keep all their skills, abilities, equipment, and gear. If that sounds like you will be starting out overpowered, then have no fear. Enemies receive quite the bump in their damage and health, and the overall story is reset, so you can run through it and make a different set of decisions this time out if you wish.

You will need to do your best to gather up the highest value gear you can if you want to survive the challenge of the New Game Plus mode, so make sure you put all that experience form your first run through the game to good use.