Does Bleeding Edge have cross-play between PC and Xbox One?

Bleeding Edge is available now on Xbox One and PC. Can these two sides play together?

Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge is a melee-focused hero-based multiplayer game made by Ninja Theory, the developers behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Heavenly Sword, and DMC: Devil May Cry. They were acquired by Microsoft and joined Xbox Game Studios in 2018.

With Bleeding Edge being a multiplayer-focused game, some might be wondering if there will be cross-platform play between the PC and Xbox One versions for you to play with friends on separate platforms. Fortunately, that is the case. The full game is playable on both sides, with full controller support available on PC as well. On PC, Bleeding Edge is available on both Windows 10 and Steam, with cross-play available on both versions to play with people on console.

Most multiplayer games, especially shooters, can bring some questions about fairness between players on both sides. Players playing with a mouse and keyboard can move their reticle more accurately than those with a controller. Luckily, Bleeding Edge’s melee heavy combat and emphasis on working with teammates in battle lower this concern quite a bit.

As with other first-party games on Xbox One, Bleeding Edge is a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program that allows you to buy the game on either Xbox One or PC and get the game for free on the other platform. Since you have access to both versions of the game with your Xbox account, all progress you make on one platform will carry over to the other.