Does Chris Pratt have an Italian accent in The Super Mario Bros. Movie? Answered

Mario needs-a some gabagool.

Image via Nintendo

Illumination Entertainment has released the first official trailer of the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Many fans have been quick to praise the preview for its colorful and accurate depiction of the Mario universe and its inhabitants.

Most of the voice acting heard throughout the trailer was applauded enthusiastically by those who tuned in, but there was one that stood out for the wrong reasons. Ever since the film was first announced, one particular aspect was immediately placed under intense scrutiny due to its questionable casting choice. Mario, everybody’s favorite Italian plumber, was set to be played by Chris Pratt.

With the teaser trailer revealing Chris Pratt’s voice acting as Mario for the first time, we are here to answer the burning question currently going through everyone’s minds: Does Chris Pratt have an Italian accent in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

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Does Chris Pratt have Mario’s Italian accent in the movie?

Based on the quick snippet of Mario’s voice acting that the trailer produced, we can safely say that Chris Pratt does not have an Italian accent in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. It seems that Mario will still have some semblance of an accent in the film, albeit not entirely Italian.

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At the end of the teaser trailer, Mario utters the line “Mushroom Kingdom, here we come” in a voice that seems inspired by a gabagool-loving Italian-American living in New York. Mario, however, is recognizably Italian, so fan reactions to his movie accent have been less than stellar.

On a more positive note, the rest of the trailer was well-received due to its brilliant animation of the entire cast and its intriguing plot. Many fans have also complimented Jack Black’s attempt at voicing Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key’s hilarious impression of the lovable Toad.