All characters featured in the Super Mario Bros. movie

The Mushroom Kingdom is jumping onto the big screen.

Image via Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has its share of both optimists and pessimists, but it appears to have a team behind it dedicated to bringing the Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants to life. However you feel about the cast list, seeing these video game characters we have loved for decades on the big screen is exciting. Here is a complete list of all the characters featured in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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Every character appearing in the Super Mario Bros. Movie


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Chris Pratt plays Mario as he enters the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time. We do not know the specifics of how he appeared there, but we do see him come through a warp pipe.


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Charlie Day is the voice of Luigi. All we have seen of him to this point is the cowardly younger Mario Brother running away from a horde of Dry Bones into one of Bowser’s castles, but notably, he is not seen with Mario in the trailer.


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The King of the Koopas is being played by Jack Black and seeks power from a Power Star. We do not know if there are multiple stars he is looking for and what kind of power they provide beyond invincibility in the movie.

Princess Peach

While Princess Peach did not appear in the teaser trailer for the movie, we know that she appears in it. Her design was recently leaked, and she is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Expect her to be kidnapped by Bowser shortly after meeting Mario.


Image via Nintendo

Toad is portrayed by Keegan-Michael Key. We do not know if he is the voice of every Toad character, but we suspect that’s the case. He is the first face Mario sees after entering the Mushroom Kingdom, and likely leads him to meet Princess Peach at the castle.


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The magical wizard Kamek is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. He is essentially Bowser’s second in command and will do Bowser’s bidding with his magic. Expect him to enlarge Bowser at some point in the movie.


Bowser leads an army of Koopas on his attack on the frozen kingdom, which is expected. That being said, we are surprised not to see any Goombas among their ranks.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones are essentially undead Koopas, so it’s not entirely unexpected to see them chasing down Luigi in the trailer.


Image via Nintendo

We see an army of penguins trying to protect themselves from Bowser’s attack while seemingly protecting the Power Star. We are really hoping for a reference to dropping a penguin off the map in Super Mario 64.