Do You Fight Bots in the CoD Mobile Game?


You can play CoD Mobile right now on your Android or Apple-based device. When you jump into the game, you’re going to immediately have access to the game’s multiplayer matches, fighting real players who are going to shoot you back real quick. Eventually, when you get to character level seven, you’re going to gain access to the battle royale mode. In that mode, you’re going to face far more players than you did in the previous multiplayer matches. But are there any bots available for players to fight?

Are There Bots in the CoD Mobile Game?

There are two terms to this phrase. Can you play as AI bots to fight in the game? No, you cannot. There are no AI bots for you to fight in multiplayer matches and gain experience points. This feature will likely not come in the future because there’s no way to play the game offline if you want to save data while you’re roaming around in the world playing it away from your home.

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Although, some players are worried they’re going to encounter a legitimate bot playing the game against them. These bots, using the slightly chunky mobile game controls, would be far more precise and accurate than other players. The same goes for any AI in the game, too. Luckily, there’s nothing of both capacities happening at this time. Players do not have to engage against AI bots to gain experience points, and player bots have not been too much of a problem, yet.

Some players are attempting to connect their controller or mouse and keyboard to their CoD Mobile games. The game does not naturally support these devices, meaning players would have to default to using emulators to making them work. Right now, Activision has not taken any steps to deter this or prevent players from doing so, but this may change in the short future.