Does Darwin Project have Duos?

Darwin Project Duos

Darwin Project is a free-to-play battle royale with a small degree of survival elements. You don’t have to watch how much food you’ve eaten, but you need to watch your warmth levels and build a fire when they become too low. You also don’t find arrows. Instead, you make them using wood you chop down in the forest. Many players are curious if they jump into the game if they have a chance to team up with a friend and dominate the arena with a partner.

At this time, Darwin Project does not have duos available, but the game had the feature at one point. They only have a single-player free-for-all mode and then another mode you access after you’ve reached level five. The particular mode is called Director. You have to provide a bit more entertainment to gain further fans by the end of the game, alongside the addition of special powers.

For some reason, developers Scavenger Studio decided to remove duos at some point before the game released. They may have done so to ensure the game’s overall stability remained a highlight or wanted to continue balance testing their servers to ensure the players had a substantial experience when they did introduce it. There are several mentions to it by the official Darwin Project Twitter page showing they had one during the earlier point of development.

We have no details from the development team about when a duo mode is coming to Darwin Project. We can expect to learn the news from the official Twitter page, from the Steam update page, or the developer’s website. Make sure to follow any of these sources to learn when a duo mode could make its way to the game.