Does Football Manager 2022 have cross-save and cross-progression options?

Microsoft delivers on what Football Manager couldn’t in the past.

Image via Sega

As longtime fans of the series know, Football Manager can be a demanding, yet addicting simulator. It is no different with Football Manager 2022, as just one day can go by and you may forget how you were going to handle particularly crucial player situations. Thankfully, this year’s iteration does allow for multiple ways to save the game on various devices to finally let you play from anywhere. Though, it doesn’t come without its limitations.

Cross-saving on Xbox and PC

For those desiring to play a single career on both Xbox or PC, this feature is only exclusive through Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition. Despite its name, players will only need to purchase the title once for it to be owned and played on both their PC and Xbox. From there, Microsoft will automatically keep track of progress on the last played device and deliver it to the others within the same Xbox account.

Compared to the dedicated PC version, Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition is a more streamlined experience, absent of in-depth features such as the in-game editor, managing youth clubs, and being able to hold every nation’s league in one save. Speaking of, those saving between Xbox Series X/S and PC can only have up to 10 nations per save, with Xbox One cross-saves only allowing for up to five nations.

Cross-saving with mobile devices

As Football Manager 2022 has landed on Xbox Game Pass, this does provide owners of the subscription service the right to stream their Xbox Edition saves onto their smartphones or tablets with the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. With FM 22 being primarily chock-full of menus, we’ve found that the experience runs as smooth as it typically does on a console. With this method, users are allowed to use an Xbox controller and send saves back to their Xbox or PC.

Is cross-saving possible on the Switch and PC editions?

Unfortunately, developer Sports Interactive has not made it possible to play a particular career’s save on multiple versions of the game. Thus, the Switch and PC editions’ save capabilities only stretch as far as cloud-saving — an ability allowing you to transfer data to a device of the same platform.

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