How to simulate days and seasons in Football Manager 2022

Go on vacation and leave the rest to the AI.

Image via Sports Interactive

From transfers to injuries and game-day strategies, Football Manager 2022 is very good at keeping your coach’s Inbox tab filled to the brim with important alerts. In time, you’ll find yourself so busy that you can’t imagine completing just one season within the span of a month. Thankfully, an option is offered for you to take a brief escape from the madness, delegate your responsibilities, and speed through a season in just minutes.

As most versions of the game received a menu overhaul from the last iteration, simulating can now primarily be done in the main menu. Scroll up and click on the given date provided in the top-right corner. Although this will mainly show you next week’s schedule, there’s an option on the bottom asking if you’d like to “go on vacation.” This, of course, is the game’s playful way of offering you simulation options.

A pop-up menu will then activate, allowing you to choose which date to jump to next — ranging from the next day to over five years. The menu also lends managers the ability to auto-reject or accept offers, apply for other jobs, and set match tactics during this period. Those looking to simply skip a few matches should still be in good shape by scrolling down on this menu and checking the box labeled “Use current team selection when possible.”

Screenshot by Gamepur

Managers bracing for a rough season will likely choose to forgo the entire year, but it is advised you give your responsibilities to other staff members for the duration of your vacation. As shown above, this can be done through the left-hand Staff tab’s Responsibilities option. From here, delegate each task to the coaching staff and your job should still be here once you return from vacation.

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