How to leave for another club in Football Manager 2022

When it’s time to jump off the sinking ship that is your failing football club.

Image via Sega

Despite spending hours studying analytics and solving for the best tactics to win matches, Football Manager 2022 can punish even the hardest working users enough to make them leave their squad behind. Although the game doesn’t explain how to do this, there are a few options buried away that can secure you a club move after a short while.

Firstly, we want to preface by saying it is very risky to job hunt in this latest installment. This is mainly due to the game only allowing you to apply for managerial positions while you are simulating and leaving the strategy up to the AI. Thus, if you fail to earn a new job while your team is struggling, your manager may want to prepare for unemployment.

Apply to clubs while on vacation

Screenshot by Gamepur

If that still doesn’t change your mind, you can begin the job process by clicking on the date and time in the top-right corner and then scrolling down until the application options are given. Here, you are asked whether you’d like to apply to either high or low-level positions, but you cannot apply to one specific club by using this method.

For those desperate for a change, check off the box labeled “return from vacation when offered a job,” or simply simulate a week or two to ensure you don’t miss out on your current team’s matches. From our experience, this method results in teams not reaching out to you until about a month into your search.

Resigning from your current position

Screenshot by Gamepur

Oddly enough, your best bet to move to your desired destination is through resigning. This can be done via the Staff tab on the left side of the screen and clicking on your manager’s profile. While you’re unemployed, a weekly update will appear in your Inbox revealing a long list of managers close to being fired. From the list, click on a manager’s current team and this will indicate to them that you are interested (as shown above).

It isn’t guaranteed that these clubs will message you back, as the chances of them doing so are entirely based on your performance with your last club. You can gauge your value as a manager by going into your profile once again and looking over your reputation rating near your name. If it is lower than three out of five stars, the only offers given will likely be from lower division clubs who’ve just fired their own manager.

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