Does Halo Infinite have a split-screen campaign? Answered

Look to the future.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the most iconic pieces of any Halo game is the campaign and playing it with friends. Taking control of Master Chief and gunning down enemies with other people beside you is one of the main reasons the series has become as iconic as it has. While we know that Halo Infinite’s campaign does not have online cooperative play for a while, is there a splitscreen co-op mode?

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no cooperative function for the campaign in Halo Infinite, either online or local through splitscreen. To add on to that disappointment, the game will not receive co-op until at least the end of the first season of the battle pass, which ends in May 2022.

Having to wait at least six months for the campaign to receive a cooperative mode is disappointing and may turn off some players from playing through the story at launch. Still, luckily you will have access to the competitive multiplayer the whole time for free, so you can play with friends there. We recognize that some people only want to play through the campaign with friends, but unfortunately, there is no chance to do anything but wait.