Does Jedi: Fallen Order have New Game Plus?


Jedi: Fallen Order goes under the category of a Dark Souls and Metroid-like game where players fight difficulty foes, attempting to parry and dodge their attacks based on timing and having to return to previously visited areas with new equipment.

Unfortunately, despite this comparison, players are not going to get the chance to play through the game’s story mode taking their overpowered Cal through it. Instead, if they want to play through the game again, they need to start over and begin it from the prologue. Cal is not going to have any of his force powers, lightsaber materials, or the lightsaber colors.

The reason the developers did this was because of how they built the game. You’re meant to go through the game and then return to areas with newfound powers. If you started the game with everything unlocked, you’re going to be able to access everything when you first arrive there, eliminating the need to go back and forth between the planets.

If you want to try the game again, you’re going to want to start over and try out a new difficulty setting. For those who played through on Jedi Knight, try Jedi Master, and if you did Jedi Master, then you’re ready to try out Jedi Grand Master. The difficulty settings do not have it, so the enemies have large amounts of health, but the parry window is smaller, enemies do more damage, and they’re more aggressive.

You can change the difficulty setting at any point from the in-game menu if you find the new setting too difficult.