Does Knockout City have crossplay and cross-progression saves?

They are not dodging these features.

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Knockout City is an online multiplayer dodgeball game that has you trying to knock out any opponents foolish enough to step into the arena with you. It is a growing trend that multiplayer games support crossplay so that they can always have the largest possible ecosystem across all platforms. It’s even better when games on various consoles support cross-progression so you are able to take your save states along with you wherever you decide to play that day. Is this the case with Knockout City?

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Is there crossplay and cross-progression in Knockout City?

Fortunately, Knockout City does support crossplay functionality between Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it’s automatically turned on when you start the game. What is even better is that you can make a party between platforms, so you are not only playing against other platforms in random matches like some games do.

How to crossplay with friends in Knockout City

To invite a friend from another platform, pull up the Main Menu in the hub world and open Social. The first page will show you your current party and allow you to invite someone. Tab over once, and you can see your friends list of the platform you are on with the ability to find people on other platforms by searching their KO City ID. Be sure to then add them to your Knockout City friend list so you don’t have to search them by name every time.

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You can find your KO City ID at the top of the page. In the tab at the far right, you can see any invitations you have received in the game either from people on the same platform as you or other platforms.

How to turn off crossplay in Knockout City

If you want to turn off Knockout City’s crossplay for whatever reason, you will need to open up Settings and go to the Social tab. You should see the crossplay option here where you can disable it. Additionally, if you are playing on Xbox, you can turn off crossplay for all games.

How to activate cross-progression on Knockout City

As a bonus to the crossplay functionality, the game also features cross-progression, so you can take your progress on your account with you across any console or PC you are playing on — just sign in with the same KO City ID when you enter the game.