Does Luvdisc have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances?

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon you catch in Pokémon Go has a small chance of appearing in their shiny form, an alternative color of their traditional appearance. The shiny version also comes with a small animation of stars and a shine around them that makes them stand out, signifying that what you’re about to catch is the shiny version. Not all Pokémon in the mobile game have their shiny versions released when they come out. Luvdisc, one of the smaller Pokémon in the game, is a Pokémon that frequently appears in events, and it does have its shiny version.

The shiny version of Luvdisc is drastically different than the original. It does away with the distinct, bright pink coloring and swaps it out with a mellow orange shade. It keeps the white areas, though.

Luvdisc does not have an evolved form in Pokémon. When you capture it, that’s the final evolution, so you shouldn’t expect to transform it into a stronger Pokémon. Unfortunately, because of its lower maximum CP, you probably won’t be using the Pokémon too much at all in the Battle League or any of the raids. Luvdisc is typically a Pokédex filler.

However, if you were to use the Pokémon, you’d want to feature it in one of the smaller competitions, like the Little Cup. That league only allows Pokémon a maximum of 500 CP, meaning the weaker Pokémon will be better off as they can use their stats’ full extent, while others are extremely limited. Luvdisc flourishes in events like that.