Does Madden 21 support cross-play?

Will Madden 21 support crossplay functionality?

Madden 21 will offer a number of online game modes to players, ranging from online franchise mode, to the title’s newest feature, The Yard. With all of those features, you may also wonder whether or not Madden 21 will support crossplay functionality. We do know, in fact, know the answer to this question, but it may not make Madden players very happy.

In previous installments of the franchise, the Madden developers have not added crossplay functionality. The same will go for Madden 21, as crossplay between PC, PlayStation, and the Xbox family of consoles will not be supported. While some were hopeful that this feature would finally be added to the Madden franchise for 2020, an EA community manager confirmed in July that Madden 21 will not support crossplay.

For those who have friends that play Madden, but on different consoles, this news will be frustrating to hear. Still, this is the standard that EA has set, as other EA Sports titles (FIFA and NHL) have not supported cross-play functionality in the past. This will, however, change this year, as FIFA 21 will support crossplay for the first time. Only time will tell as to whether this feature will also come to Madden in the future.