Does Minecraft Dungeons have online matchmaking?

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Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons offers a new twist to the Minecraft formula in a brand new game. Now, you can plunder an array of dungeons with your friends to fight epic bosses, wave after wave of enemy, and go after some high-quality loot awaiting you at the end of a long adventure. While you can play online with your friends, can you play with strangers?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hop into a game with a stranger. There’s no open lobby. You won’t be able to sit in and wait for another party to join you. The question was answered through the Minecraft Dungeons FAQ page. This could be limiting for players who do not have friends who actively play the same amount of games as them, and are also expected to pick it up.

The focus of the game revolves around playing with a group of friends on your couch, or online in a room. It was not intended for players to jump into online matches with random players they have never met before and run through an epic dungeon, unfortunately. Would this feature become viable in the future? It’s possible if there’s enough public backlash regarding the lack of players finding a suitable lobby to have a viable game.

You can play Minecraft Dungeons with plenty of friends in the same room or if you add them to your friendslist. When the game launches, you can only play it with those on the same platform, but the developers have plans to open it up to cross-platform play, so those on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo can interact with those on a PC, and among each other.