Does Monopoly Plus have cross-platform play? Answered

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Image via Ubisoft

Monopoly Plus is an enjoyable and faithful 3D adaptation by Ubisoft of the world-renowned board game. As like in real-life, Monopoly is much more fun and exciting when playing with friends. In terms of Monopoly Plus, you and your friends definitely have to own your own copy of the game to play together. However, sometimes not all friends are available on the same platform. As such, players look forward to the cross-platform play feature that enables players to team up with others over different platforms and properly enjoy the game. There are also a lot of benefits to cross-platform play as well including faster matchmaking. A lot of developers are including this feature to help players play with their friends across platforms without any barriers. So, this begs the question: does Monopoly Plus have cross-platform play?

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Is the cross-platform play feature available in Monopoly Plus?

Unfortunately, Monopoly Plus does not support cross-platform play. That means you can’t play with your friends and other players across different platforms. Monopoly Plus also doesn’t support cross-generational play either. That means players who purchased Monopoly Plus on the PlayStation 4 cannot play the game with those who purchased the game on PlayStation 5. For cooperative gameplay, they will have to play with players of the same console. This is the same case with PC and Linux users as they will have to play only with other PC and Linux users in Monopoly Plus.

Currently, it is unlikely the developers, Ubisoft will bring cross-platform play support to Monopoly Plus. The game is nearly a decade old as it was released in 2014 on previous-gen consoles. In addition to that, unless there is a sudden surge in player count, it is highly unlikely Ubisoft would take notice of the desire for the addition of the cross-platform play feature.