Does Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox and PlayStation have crossplay? Answered

Can you go on Monster Hunting with friends across platforms?

Image via Capcom

PlayStation and Xbox players are excited to dive into the amazing world of Monster Hunter Rise and hunt all kinds of monsters. But, like any game, playing with friends is much more fun. Monster Hunter Rise does support local and online multiplayer, which is great, but PlayStation and Xbox players might be wondering if they could play with each other across platforms, i.e., through crossplay. This would bring players from both platforms together and make monster hunting much more fun. This begs the question: does Monter Hunter Rise even support crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation?

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Will Monster Hunter Rise support Xbox-PlayStation crossplay at launch?

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise will not support crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation. That means players from both platforms cannot hunt monsters together in the game. This move would disappoint players who expected to play the game with friends via the crossplay feature. Monster Hunter Rise did not even feature crossplay between the Nintendo Switch and PC. Capcom announced on Twitter in 2021 that they weren’t able to include it during the development process.

The situation will remain the same when the game releases on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But, PlayStation and Xbox users can play multiplayer through cross-gen play on their respective platforms. That means PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can go monster hunting together without any problem. This is also the case with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users. So, while the crossplay feature is not present, Xbox and PlayStation players will have to solve their multiplayer cravings by playing through cross-gen play.