Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak are confirmed to be soaring onto Xbox and PlayStation consoles

Monster Hunter Rise becomes available to more players.

Image via Capcom

The rumors for the Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak to make it over to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles have finally been confirmed, and potentially earlier than expected. Originally rumored to be an announcement at The Games Awards 2022, the Capcom team has shared that players can begin hunting creatures throughout Kamura Village and take on the many creatures awaiting them there, along with Elgado Outpost in the Sunbreak expansion early next year.

Earlier this week, rumors began to pop up about these Monster Hunter Rise details, and many eagerly anticipated the impending announcement. We don’t know if the announcement was shared earlier than the team intended, but Geoff Keighly won’t be making this one of his world-exclusive announcements this year.

It looks like Xbox and PlayStation players will have the opportunity to jump immediately into the latest build for the game starting on January 20, 2023, giving them a chance to start the new year off by hunting after massive monsters and collecting their resources to make weapons and armor.

Monster Hunter Rise recently has its third major update following the Sunbreak expansion. The Capcom team is slated to have two more updates for Sunbreak, one in Winter 2023 and another in Spring 2023. The Winter 2023 update will likely happen around when Monster Hunter Rise is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Hopefully, it’s a few weeks after the game arrives on those consoles, giving those players a chance to grind and catch up to the other players who have already been hard at work playing the game for nearly a year.

With Spring 2023 slated to be the final update following Sunbreak, we’ll have to see if Capcom will announce a second expansion for all Monster Hunter Rise players to enjoy or if they will be sharing their next Monster Hunter project.