Does Overwatch 2 have split screen? Answered

Can you take a friend?

image via Activision Blizzard

The best way to play Overwatch 2 is on a team with friends. Communicating with them as you work to break through the enemy team’s defenses will give you an edge not always there with a team that doesn’t talk. That being said, while the game has a focus on teamwork, can you play with your friends using split screen in Overwatch 2?

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Can you play Overwatch 2 split screen?

Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 does not feature split screen functionality anywhere in the game. No matter if you are trying to play the normal PvP or even play against bots, only one person can play Overwatch 2 at a time on an account. Even Custom Games can not be played by multiple people on one screen.

It is not that surprising that Overwatch 2 wouldn’t use split screen anywhere in the game. While many people likely have great memories of playing various games with a friend on the same television, not many online games these days utilize it because of the power it takes to run the game two times on one system. With this extra player commanding more power from your system and the game’s servers, that leaves more room for the game to run into issues, ruining the experience for everyone. It’s just much better off to focus on letting the game run well for each person individually.

While Overwatch 2 does have story mode content coming out in 2023, we highly expect it also to not have split screen support. Even with that focus on PvE gameplay, it doesn’t make much sense for Blizzard to work in split screen for the one mode and not have it for everything else. Overwatch 2 is just simply not the kind of game that you should expect to play split screen on. Luckily, with crossplay, you can play together on varying platforms.