Does Overwatch 2 have crossplay?

No barriers here.

Image via Activision Blizzard

As more time goes by, crossplay continues to become more prevalent in video games. It’s a simple idea that may be more complicated on the development side of things, but it’s very consumer-friendly. It’s great for more games to allow friends to play together regardless of what platform they own. With this in mind, does Overwatch 2 have crossplay?

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Does Overwatch 2 have cross-platform play?

Overwatch 2 does have crossplay functionality, so you can play with your friends on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. It is automatically applied since you have your account linked to play. PC users will always have crossplay enabled, but console players can choose to turn it off. Console players can also play with each other in any game mode, but PC players will not be able to play with console players in Competitive Mode because of the advantage they have playing with a mouse and keyboard. Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom games are completely free to access for everyone, though.

One thing to keep in mind when console players play in the PC pool, though, is that you will not receive any aim assist as you play with them. You will need to be pinpoint accurate with your shots on your controller to get good use out of your characters. No cheap assisted eliminations here.

In Competitive, PC players have their own ranking system separate from all console ranks. If you take advantage of cross-progression and jump between platforms, you will need to do extra placements on PC beside your console placements and they can be quite different.

Crossplay is a functionality that was worked into the first Overwatch in recent years, so having it appear again in Overwatch 2 is pretty expected. It’s a pretty simple system that should let you play with your friends regardless of the device they use to play.