Does Pokémon Go have a Giovanni update for January 2022?

Where’s Giovanni for January 2022?

Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon GO

2022 is here, and Pokémon Go is going nowhere. The Season of Heritage is entering its second month, with plenty of new Pokémon and research tasks waiting for you. A common question plenty of players are pondering is if they can expect to see the return of Giovanni and what Team Rocket could be up to in the Season of Heritage. Here’s what we know about if there will be a Giovanni event in Pokémon Go during January 2022.

Giovanni made a return appearance during the end of the Season of Mischief, giving you a chance to elusive Shadow Lugia. The legendary shadow Pokémon are always great to see, giving everyone in the Pokémon Go community a chance to see if they want to use it in PvP and provide them choices to typical options they see in the Ultra or Master League. Shadow Lugia was no different, but because Giovanni showed up not too long ago, we might not expect a dramatic appearance for January 2022. Although, Team Rocket is likely to show up at the end of the month, potentially with new shadow Pokémon.

It has been hinted at in the Pokémon Go blog for January 2022 that during the Electric and Steel-type themed event inspired by the Kanto Power Plant from January 19 to February 1, nefarious forces have caught wind of the current mysterious door appearing in the mainline story. We can expect Team Rocket to appear for this event, but anyone’s guess of Giovanni will be involved. We might expect him to appear throughout the rest of February and not January if he is.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more details as we reach the end of January 2022. For now, there’s been no official confirmation on Giovanni’s status for 2022. We can expect him and Team Rocket to make an appearance soon, though.