Does Pokémon Go have a Giovanni update for January 2021?

Where’s Giovanni for January 2021?

Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon GO

2021 is a brand new year for mischief in Pokémon Go, and players can expect to see Team Rocket’s return throughout the year as they become a more stable installment in the mobile game. Previously, these wicked Pokémon trainers were given monthly events where their leader, Giovanni, had captured a specific legendary Pokémon and turned it into a shadow version, closing off its heart. Players had the opportunity to save this Pokémon once a month. The next month all of the Team Rockets grunts, and other Team Rocket leaders, Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, would have different rosters, and Giovanni would have a new legendary to capture.

However, close to the start of 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and Niantic placed these events on hold primarily because trainers had to battle Team Rocket grunts and leaders at PokéStops. These events were placed on hold to assist in preventing the spread of the infection. While parts of the world are still experiencing these issues, Niantic has introduced Team Rocket balloons as a solution to this, and Team Rocket returned a few times in 2020. But what about January 2021? Are you expecting a new event from Giovanni?

As of right now, it doesn’t appear that Giovanni and his army of evil Pokémon trainers are returning in January 2021. So far, all Team Rocket leaders have the same roster as they did during the last Team Rocket event in October 2020. There are no hints or subtle pieces of text in the Pokémon Go January 2021 events blog to tease an upcoming Team Rocket invasion on the mobile game, either.

For now, it appears that Giovanni and his lackeys are laying low for the time being. But trainers can expect something to be said for February 2021, probably, or at least, for Niantic to address these Team Rocket events’ future. They were a great chance to make Pokémon battling directly matter and gave a chance for a new legendary Pokémon encounter outside of the five-star raids where trainers had to work together to take down a particularly powerful Pokémon.

Keep your eyes on the lookout in February 2021 for the return of Team Rocket. They might be quiet for now, but we can expect more shenanigans from them in 2021 than we did in 2020.