Does Pokémon Go have a Giovanni update for June 2021?

Where’s Giovanni for June 2021?

Find and Beat Giovanni Pokémon GO

Giovanni is taking a backset in Pokémon Go during the Season of Mischief that begins on September 1. Normally, Giovanni has a Special Research project, or an update regarding the team leader’s whereabouts is hinted about from the Niantic team. However, for September, it’s been revealed that he’s going to be taking another small break, and everyone should expect to not deal with him until the future. We don’t know when that’s going to happen, but Giovanni is currently returning to the shadows in Pokémon Go.

Previously, Giovanni was slowly making a returning during 2021. In 2020, Pokémon Go had to retract him from Team Rocket because of COVID-19 restrictions, and because of that, no major event had happened regarding Team Rocket. It looks like for the current moment, Niantic is stepping forward to continue something similar for that, but we will likely seen Giovanni’s return sometime during the middle of Season of Mischief, or into the new year of 2022.

Hoepfully, we can receive some more interesting Pokémon similar to the shadow Ho-Oh that was available from June to August. The more legendary shadow Pokémon that join the fray, the more interesting the Master League competition will become into the next year. Having Giovanni around was always exciting, and seeing him retreat is disappointing, but there should be plenty going on in the Season of Mischief for everyone in Pokémon Go.