Pokemon Go: Does Giovanni have an update for October 2023?

Giovanni makes the rare appearance in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you if he’s going to appear this month, and how to find him.

Image via Niantic

Giovanni has the chance to appear every so often while playing Pokemon Go. He will make a rare appearance for a special Team Rocket event, where he has a unique shadow legendary Pokemon that you can attempt to rescue. Some of these Pokemon are repeated, but it is one of the few times to catch these legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, because of Giovanni’s infrequency, you want to try tracking him down as quickly as possible. Giovanni will not appear every month, but he does make an appearance for one event during any season in Pokemon Go. The next one is happening for the Adventures Abound Season in Pokemon Go. Here’s what you need to know if there’s a Giovanni update happening in Pokemon Go for October 2023.

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Is Giovanni in Pokemon Go for October 2023?

Image via Niantic

I can confirm that for October 2023, Giovanni is expected to make an appearance in Pokemon Go. It has been foreshadowed by the Niantic team that Giovanni will be making an appearance towards the end of the month, of the upcoming Halloween event planned to occur at the end, which is a two-part event. The first part of the Halloween 2023 event will happen from October 19, 2023, to October 26, 2023, and then the second part goes from October 26, 2023, to October 31, 2023. The second part includes a Team Rock Takeover event.

When the second part of the Halloween event happens in Pokemon Go, at midnight, a Team Rocket Takeover Special Research will appear in your local area. When it triggers, you must have completed the previous Team Rocket Special Research to receive it on your Pokemon Go again, or at least not have another Team Rocket Takeover Special Research in your list of quests.

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We do not know what is the special Shadow Lengedary that Giovanni has captured for this event. This will be announced as we draw closer to the Pokemon Go event, towards the end of October 2023. So long as you log into the mobile game to grab the Special Research, you can complete it on your own time and earn all the rewards. However, you do need to make sure you complete it before the next Team Rocket Takeover event to ensure you can earn the next Special Research ticket.

These Team Rocket Takeover events feature the same series of tasks, where you’ll have to battle against multiple Team Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go and then take out the leaders. After all three of the Team Rocket leaders have been defeated at least once, Giovanni will appear, and you’ll have a chance to rescue his captured legendary Pokemon.