Does Psychonauts 2 have co-op?

Should you bring a friend?

Image via Double FIne

Cooperative game modes are a great way to experience many video games. Sometimes, it is just a better experience to have a friend running alongside you through various problems and levels. The first Psychonauts game was purely a single-player experience that focused on Raz as he worked to save his fellow psychic campers, but sometimes a game’s sequel will work in a way to play through the game. Working in co-op can be a great way for multiple people to enjoy a game. With this in mind, does Psychonauts 2 have cooperative gameplay?

Unfortunately for anyone looking to enjoy the game with a friend, Psychonauts 2 does not have any multiplayer functionality at all, including cooperative gameplay. Like the first game, it is dedicated to its single-player structure, which may be for the best. Psychonauts 2 was purely made as a love letter to the people who enjoyed the first game, so shoving a second player into the experience might have turned out to be a bad experience.

Regardless of the reason, Psychonauts 2 can not be played with a friend. Instead, we recommend hopping into a party and talking about the game as you progress or have them sitting next to you as you play so you can both experience the game together.