Does Skate (4) have multiplayer?

Skate with up to 59 other players in the Skate series’ newest edition.

Image via EA

The developers of the fourth Skate game, aptly named “Skate,” have teased content features coming to the new title in the months leading up to its release. Multiplayer, an aspect that was mostly missing from Skate 3 and has long since been rumored to be coming to the series, was revealed to be added with the fourth installment, and in a rather impressive capacity.

Skate multiplayer details – player count and more

While a local cooperative multiplayer mode was eventually added to Skate 3 in its San Van Party Pack DLC, online multiplayer at launch has never before been a part of the series. The newest Skate game will seek to change that, experimenting with online multiplayer lobbies of up to 60 concurrent players.

These massive sessions will mostly feature Skate’s sandbox gameplay, where players will be free to experiment with new tricks and spectate those of others. Having 60 players skating simultaneously also opens up possibilities for large-scale and highly coordinated tricks organized across an entire server.

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With Skate slated to be free-to-play at launch, its player base is bound to grow huge, and filling up these massive session servers should be no issue. Regardless, players should expect its new features to make it both the definitive Skate experience and a fine-tuned return to form from the previous games.

Does Skate also have single player gameplay?

While players can experience Skate by themselves, the developers have stated that this isn’t a traditional single player game. This new release will have games-as-a-service live elements.

When asked by GameSpot if this is a single player campaign that “ends,” creative director Chris “Cuz Parry stated: “No. I come from a world where there’s a beginning, a middle, a middle, and a middle, and we want you to tell your story and how you express your story over the course of that may be different from somebody else but there’s no deadline.”