Is Skate (4) cross-platform/crossplay? Answered

Is the skate park open to everyone?


Image via EA

Skate fans have a lot of questions about the upcoming game, and thankfully developer Full Circle has started to answer them. Notably, the game is just called Skate — not Skate 4 — but names are small compared to some other questions. For example, will Skate support cross-platform interaction and crossplay?

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Will Skate be a cross platform/crossplay game?

Yes, Skate will be a fully cross platform and crossplay game when it launches. In a new Board Room video featuring members of the Full Circle dev team, creative director Cuz Parry said that this was motivated by community reactions to the first three games in the series. Folks skipped the games due to not being able to afford them or because their friends were on different platforms. “We want the whole world to fall in love with the game,” Parry proclaimed.

What platforms will Skate be on?

Of course, the next question is then what platforms Skate will be “crossing” with. “Skate will be full crossplay and cross-progression across last-gen, next-gen, and PC,” said Dan McCulloch, general manager of Full Circle, “and we’ll take it even further and do the same thing with mobile.” While McCulloch didn’t any specific consoles, the implication is that we’ll see Skate on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, in addition to the PC and mobile devices (as in iOS and Android) that were mentioned.

Will Skate support cross-progression?

Yes, hand in hand with crossplay, Skate will also have cross-progression — McCulloch already said as much. It’s good to know that you’ll be able to pick up the game anywhere, on any platform and continue right from where you left off.

Will Skate be a free-to-play game?

All of these other questions dance around another big one: will Skate be free to play? The answer there is a resounding yes. While the game doesn’t currently have a release date (and in fact we’ve only seen very, very early footage), it will indeed be a free-to-play title at launch.