Does Sons of the Forest have split screen? Answered

For an intimate survival experience.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is anything but a casual romp through the wilderness. Players looking to get into this experience need to know that while the game features many moments of calm and relaxing gameplay, things can go horribly wrong at any moment. You can build anything you want to help you survive, but this island forest harbors terrifying creatures just waiting to storm your creations and tear them down to kill you. Many players naturally want to bring a friend in order to have some sense of safety and companionship, but does Sons of the Forest even offer the ability to play split screen with another person?

Does Sons of the Forest have local multiplayer?

Sadly, Sons of the Forest does not provide split screen co-op as an option to survive this wilderness. Split screen is a white whale in gaming nowadays, especially for titles that are exclusive to PC. Local multiplayer on the same PC is not possible as of now, and it was never added to the previous title, The Forest, at any point during its development as well. This means that Sons of the Forest will likely never have local co-op.

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Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer?

While playing together on the same PC is not a possibility, the option to play with friends is very much part of the game and highly encouraged. Sons of the Forest features online co-op that can include anywhere from two to eight players. There is safety in numbers, so bringing along as many friends as possible will not only provide a much better experience, but also make the game a lot more fun.

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If you still harbor the desire for a split screen experience, you can still play with your friends or family in the same household provided you both have your own PC and Steam account. You will also both need to own a copy of Sons of the Forest. Simply place your PCs near each other and bring your monitors together and you will have your own makeshift split screen experience.