Does Spoink have a shiny form in Pokémon Go?

What are the chances of a shiny encounter?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon are typically used to battle other Pokémon or trainers, but many players also seek to fill up their PokéDex to show they’ve collected each one from any generation. In Pokémon Go, some Pokémon have their shiny forms released to the game, while others, even if they’ve been out for a while, won’t have theirs yet. Spoink, the bounce Pokémon that looks like a small piglet on a spring, is one of those Pokémon many are curious if it’s out yet.

Spoink does have its shiny form, so that means you can capture a shiny Spoink and then evolve it into Grumpig. The shiny form is slightly different in that it changes the typical pink coloring with a distilled yellow shade. If you’re looking to capture more of the Pokémon, we recommend waiting for specific events that increase its spawn, making it easier to find.

When you capture Spoink and evolve it to Grumpig, unfortunately, you’re likely not going to be using it too much in any form of the Battle League. It’s one of the weaker Pokémon in the mobile game. It has a maximum CP of 2,389, an attack of 146, a defense of 160, and a stamina of 162. It’s purely a Psychic-type, and other Pokémon choices have far superior stats and better movesets that you want to use in PvP. You’d primarily be seeking it out to fill up your PokéDex, and add that entry to your collection.